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Topic-icon Fabric for snuffable jib...

7 months 23 hours ago #131 by multithom
multithom created the topic: Fabric for snuffable jib...
I've been flying a jib on my Triak for a few years now. Unfortunately, dacron polyester is too stiff to snuff because 4 ounce dacron would probably be perfect. I've been experimenting with different fabrics but haven't found anything satisfactory. I've used tarp and it was too stretchy, I've tried various polyester fabrics but all seem to be too stretchy. I've tried nylons but they were WAY too stretchy. My next attempt will be ripstop polyester for high performance kites. But it is so lightweight I think it'll deform in a decent breeze (but I'm making it for a windseeker to use in winter so that'll be OK then). I haven't tried code zero fabric even though I have some because 1) it isn't blue and I like my sails to match and 2) I don't think it will survive being snuffed (Mylar and taffeta and kevlar strings).

I may be the only person who wants a snuffing jib, but I sure could use an idea about what might work. Thanks.

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4 months 2 days ago #148 by multithom
multithom replied the topic: Fabric for snuffable jib...
SO far, so good. The polyester kite fabric is extremely dimensionally stable, no stretch at all. I've flown it in light breeze so far and works well. Will report back when I've tried it in bigger breeze. It snuffs like a champ.

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