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Topic-icon MUFFOLO - italian composite trimaran 24

1 year 5 months ago #84 by 3Hulls
3Hulls created the topic: MUFFOLO - italian composite trimaran 24
This video shows a selfmade composite trimaran of 24 feet lenght. All the footage has been filmed in Italy in the Mediterranean sea. The designer is from Seattle (Kurt Hughes sailing design)and the builder is Italian: Luciano Romano. This is a cruising composite boat made between September 1995 and September 1998 in the retail time of a normal worker. To start the construction the maker had to build the shed before the boat...that shed was situated in MONEGLIA (GE) on a top of a moving the complete boat to the sea has been an hard work!!!Finally, after 3 years of work the "dad and the son" can have fun with this fantastic trimaran!!! hope u enjoy this video...see ya

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1 year 4 months ago #130 by multithom
multithom replied the topic: MUFFOLO - italian composite trimaran 24
I was fortunate enough to sail with a friend who rescued a Hughes design that had been neglected. He salvaged the main hull (it was around 28 feet, I think) but had to trash the existing amas and akas. He (with Kurt's advice) made new amas (his business is cabinetry) and used aluminum sections for the akas. The tri wasn't meant to be trailerable, but the hulls could be demounted (with a lot of effort). Looking at Muffolo, it exhibited nearly the same sailing characteristics. It is not a stiff boat, the windward ama barely gets out of the water even in big wind. But it was quick and stable with a 31 foot mast. I made a spinnaker for him and we hit 20 kts routinely in 20-25 kt winds. Was fun.

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